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The Future of Investing in Talent

Talent is at the centre of the music industry, and how talent is invested in, remunerated and valued over time is changing. The balance between new music and old is changing dramatically. How do we invest in future talent?

How Big Will The Music Metaverse Be?

The metaverse is a part of the future, but how big a role will it play, and for whom? Where is the opportunity? And is it just a dot com boom repeating itself?

Demand Generation for Live Events

There is massive demand for live entertainment, but sometimes that can surprise us. How do you judge what will work? And what can we do to provoke people back to live music after 2 years of staying home?

Fixing Artist Pain Points

Artists are the lifeblood of the music industry, and the demands on them can be extremely high. What are the shared pain points for artists, and how can the industry do better for creators?