The Evolving Role of a Manager

Music management is an ever changing beast. Whenever consumer behaviour changes, or algorithms update, managers are on the front line. They invest at the earliest stages and are at risk to being let go when success arrives. This session explores how has the role of the manager has evolved, and looks at what can be done to ease the burden

What Happens Next in LIVE?

Live music had a torrid time during the various lockdowns, and a number of skilled staff left the industry. Jon Collins, CEO of LIVE, reflects on a busy summer and looks ahead to what’s next for live music in the UK.

5 Tips for Working in Music Post-Pandemic

After 2 and a bit years of uncertainty, frustrations, missed opportunities, and more, we’re back. But its not quite normal! Working from home has different pressures.

The Battle for Tomorrow’s Music Lovers

Music has become complacent on its pop-culture throne. It increasingly vies for attention and cultural capital with apps, gaming and tv platforms. Dom Hodge from screen-free kids audio player Yoto talks about why we should nurture the next generation of music fans, before it’s too late!

The Importance of Visibility and Representation

Representation and visibility are more than just a numbers game. If there is not diversity across the entire industry, then we are not able to drive genuine equal opportunities.

In this session, music researcher and DEI specialist, Sania Haq, will host a conversation with Charisse Beaumont, Chief Executive of Black Lives in Music (BLiM). The session will look at systemic barriers in music for Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse individuals, as identified by BLiM’s research, along with how far we have come since the social reckoning of 2020, and critical improvements we still need to make.

The Future of Artist Marketing

In a wide ranging discussion, Jess talks about global marketing trends, the role of hyper local, overcoming algorithms, balancing data science with creativity, helping artists cross borders and much more, in conversation with Chris Carey.

The Future of Investing in Talent

Talent is at the centre of the music industry, and how talent is invested in, remunerated and valued over time is changing. The balance between new music and old is changing dramatically. How do we invest in future talent?